When Plans Fail, New Doors Open

Kampala_doors_openMy plan this week was to write about what it’s like to live in Kampala day by day. I wanted to share our experiences finding a home, navigating the city, interacting with locals, etc. But sometimes plans change. Sometimes plans change drastically. Our experience in Kampala is not at all what we had planned. Jay’s job and circumstances changed, A LOT. So a week ago, we made the decision he should part ways with his organization. It was a scary choice, but  we figured, why not let this play out? And then the next big change: I lost my job on Monday. So here we are, living in Africa, both of us unemployed. Not at all how I thought our six months in Uganda would go.

Do we admit defeat? Pack up and move home? Do we both try and find new jobs in Uganda knowing that the unemployment rate here is staggering? Or do we do something completely out of the box and try and completely reinvent ourselves? Does our adventure end here?

Right now the jury is still out. Between the two of us, we have a lot to think about. We already booked a trip this weekend to Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest to go gorilla trekking. Even though financially, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, when else will be have the opportunity? We have to go. Look for future posts on our experience in Bwindi, as well as which door one, two or three, we choose.



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