Traveling to Southeast Asia? Swing by Singapore

When booking our flight back to the United States from Bali, we knew we would have to go through Singapore with at least a 12-hour connection. So we thought, why not make the best of it, extend for a few more days and make the trip home just a little less stressful? Here is a list of must-dos (and corresponding tips) during your quick stopover on the Red Dot … More Traveling to Southeast Asia? Swing by Singapore

Taste of Bali: Ubud

A little book and major motion picture – Eat, Pray, Love – perhaps you’ve heard of it? – catapulted Ubud from a sleepy town of rice fields to the bustling heart of Bali it is today. It boasts temples, monkey forests, lush rice paddies, shopping, art, dancing, music and last but not least, one of the main … More Taste of Bali: Ubud