Flashback [Photo] Friday: Manang, Nepal

manang-nepalCity: Manang, Nepal

Camera: iPhone 6

Deets:¬†While on the trek trail, it’s important to acclimatize properly. “Climb high, sleep low,” is the rule of thumb in the mountains. Because of this, most trekkers on the Annapurna Circuit choose Manang as a two-day resting spot before making the final push toward Thorong La, the largest pass in the world. And it’s easy to see why – luxuries such as fresh baked cinnamon rolls, apple pie, Everest beer and yak burgers make it a very comfortable spot indeed to kick off your boots and relax. You can even go out for a wilderness-inspired movie featuring yak fur-lined stadium seating and complimentary tea and popcorn.

Want to read more about the Annapurna Circuit? Read How I Learned to Trust My Feet on the Annapurna Circuit

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