Local Eats: Bramble & Hare

I love to eat. More specifically, I love to eat really good food. One of the many perks of the last decade I’ve spent in Denver, is the rising food scene. When Jay and I decided to celebrate our anniversary in Boulder, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. There are only a handful of restaurants in Boulder that make me salivate. However, at the suggestion of some friends, we made a reservation at Bramble & Hare (13th and Pearl).

B&H is in fact a delightful little Farmhouse Kitchen and Pub that features rustic dishes in a casual vintage atmosphere. Ingredients are grown on the owners’ farm, Black Cat Farm, or foraged from the Front Range. We opted to split an appetizer (hazelnut bruschetta), main course (confit chicken) and dessert (carrot cake).


I drank a glass of the Côtes du Rhône and a glass of prosecco (with dessert), while Jay opted for their cocktails, which are also made from home-grown ingredients. He sipped on the Lyrics to Darude Sandstorm (gin, egg white, absinthe and pistachio tarator) and a Laces Out! (Hibiscus infused Bourbon, Campari and Dubonnet Rouge).

Note: For those of you more familiar with my voracious appetite, I had more that evening than a split entree. Along with my pre-dinner Rose at Oak, we snacked on the crispy pork belly – every morsel of which melted in my mouth.

The menu at B&H is dynamic – it changes daily – so every visit is unique. I must admit, I will daydreaming of this non-Denver restaurant, and I can’t wait to taste what else B&H cooks up on our next visit!

Cheers 🙂











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