Flashback [Photo] Friday: New Orleans

CafeduMonde_NewOrleansCity: New Orleans

Camera: iPhone6

Deets: My parents took my brother and I to New Orleans for the first time over summer vacation when I was 9 years old. I instantly fell in love with the city – it’s energy, it’s flavor and it’s jazz. Outside of Cafè du Monde sits one of my favorite jazz artists. The line for beignets is always winding down the street, but patrons don’t mind, because the line moves fast (servers turn tables at an impressive speed), and the music keeps spirits high. Of course, the beignets themselves are worth every second of waiting. On one trip through the city, my dad earned the Father of the Year Award. He happily circled around the French Quarter for 45 minutes while my mom and I munched on our delectable puffs of air covered in powdered sugar (don’t worry, we took him an order to go along with a cup of chicory coffee:) Needless to say, on Jay’s first visit the city with me, it included a stop at this legendary, historic cafe, where he snapped this picture. And my mouth waters every time I look at it.



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