I’m Moving Where? Uganda be Kidding Me!


Jay: Want to move to Africa? 

Me: Heck yeah.

OK, so there was a little more discussion involved in the process, but as you may have guessed already, Jay and I are moving to Kampala, Uganda for six months. Eek! Yeah, that’s happening. Why are we embarking on what I’m sure some think is a crazy adventure? For anyone who has been to Africa, you know that once you’ve visited Africa, it stays with you. An opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up came our way to return, so we said CARPE DIEM, WE’RE MOVING TO UGANDA!

First, let me clear up a few misconceptions about Uganda:

  1. No, we will not be living in a mud hut. Or a grass hut. Kampala is a very urban city of 1.6 million people with modern conveniences such as super markets, nice restaurants, night clubs and most importantly, yoga studios.
  2. We will have internet. Even while on safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, I was able keep tabs on March Madness on my phone’s wifi. And thanks to Skype, Whats App, Viper, etc., I’m just an internet-based call away.

Second, one of the perks of moving to Uganda is, it just so happens, I have a travel blog! So, for the next six months, expect to be inundated with all things Kampala, Uganda and Africa. Sidenote: What are the chances I can convince Jay to re-enact Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s EPIC Africa video?

Over the next few weeks we are frantically trying to pack up our Colorado lives. We’ve found some great resources to help us prepare (including an awesome packing list from one of our biggest inspirations of 2015: Live Your Legend Founder Scott Dinsmore. May he rest in peace). That being said, any tips to share on things you can’t live without while you travel abroad? We want the full Uganda experience, but recognize how far a good pair sheets can go to make you feel at home when you’re actually thousands of miles from home.

Stay tuned, folks! I can’t wait to explore more of Africa with you!


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