Flashback [Photo] Friday: Pensacola

Joe Pattis_Pensacola_Fish MarketCity: Pensacola, Florida

Camera: iPhone 5s

Deets: I love fresh seafood. Lucky for me, my parents live right on the Gulf Coast, so we have access to some of the best seafood options in the country. On each of my visits home, it’s inevitable that we make a stop in Pensacola to Joe Patti’s – one of the areas’ most famous fish  markets. It’s a delightful experience, locals milling about scouting the abundance of fresh seafood caught daily from Snapper and Swordfish to Oysters and Mussels to Shrimp and Lobster. The market also boasts a gourmet delicatessen, sushi counter and wine shop. If you find yourself in the area, Joe Patti’s is a must-stop. They’ll even season and steam your selection so it’s ready to eat as soon as you leave the store.




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