Fight the Holiday Bulge: 5 No-Equipment Workouts

Tree Christmas dinner

Traveling this holiday season with no access to your home gym? No problem! There are a lot of workouts you can do from anywhere in the world with little to no equipment. The best part about these workouts? You can mix and match to keep each workout fresh as well as challenging. Here are a few of my favorite workouts to hit while on the road.

  1. Run. As a runner, this is my number one go to. All you need are running shoes. It’s a great way to see a new place or even your hometown. You can go on long or short runs, sprint or mix it up. My parents live in a rural neighborhood along the Alabama Gulf Coast, and one of my favorite running workouts when I’m visiting, is a fartlek run. The long, windy rural roads are lined with power lines, and after a warm up, will interchange sprints and a slow, steady pace between power line poles. I typically alternate a running day with the circuit workouts mentioned below (Or add a circuit/yoga session post run).
  2. HIIT Circuits. Repeat 2-4 times for 30 minute to hour-long workout. (I add 30-45 seconds of jump rope in between each exercise):
    1. 30 jumping jacks
    2. 20 alternating lunges
    3. 10 tuck jumps
    4. 20 squats
    5. 60 high knees
    6. 10 jump squats
    7. 10 burpees
    8. 60 jumping jacks
    9. 20 mountain climbers
    10. 25 push ups
    11. 60 second plank
  3. Ballet Circuits
    1. 5-minute warm up
    2. 25 plie squats (wide leg position)
    3. 25 plie squats (heels together)
    4. 50 calf raises (heels together @ bottom)
    5. 20 incline push ups *repeat this part of the circuit 4 times*
    6. 1 minute Pilates Hundreds
    7. 1 minute V sits
    8. 30 second right side plank
    9. 30 second left side plank *repeat this part of the circuit 4 times*
  4. Leg Circuits (add weights if you have them). Repeat 2-3 times
    1. 100 squats
    2. 90 walking lunges
    3. 80 mountain climbers
    4. 70 sumo squats
    5. 60 calf raises
    6. 50 glute bridge raises
    7. 40 curtsy lunges
    8. 30 step ups
    9. 20 squat jumps
    10. 10 burpees
  5. Bikram Yoga – hold each pose for several breaths (See examples)
    1. Standing deep breathing
    2. Half moon pose
    3. Awkward pose
    4. Eagle pose
    5. Standing head to knee
    6. Standing bow
    7. Balancing stick
    8. Standing separate leg stretching pose
    9. Triangle pose
    10. Standing separate leg head to knee pose
    11. Tree pose
    12. Toe stand
    13. Dead body pose
    14. Wind removing pose
    15. Sit up
    16. Cobra pose
    17. Locust pose
    18. Full locust pose
    19. Bow pose
    20. Fixed firm pose
    21. Half tortoise pose
    22. Camel pose
    23. Rabbit pose
    24. Seated head to knee stretch
    25. Spine twisting
    26. Blowing in firm pose

Don’t forget: You can always opt to bike for a great way to sight see and workout at the same time.

Enjoy those workouts! Merry Christmas!

San Diego





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